No to War – Scientists for International Peoples‘ Friendship

We strongly condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the barbaric war being waged against the people in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the victims of this aggression, but also with the victims in other wars such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, and Syria which are scarcely mentioned in the media any longer. We also reject the provocative expansion of NATO with forced stationing of troops and offensive weapons on Russia’s border.

We warn of the danger of escalation to a nuclear war

There is a risk that the war could escalate to a clash between the superpowers, quickly leading to a world war. The nuclear arsenals available have the potential to wipe out humanity several times. We want to see the ban and destruction of all ABC weapons – worldwide. Damage to Ukraine’s nuclear power plants could result in radioactive contamination in large parts of Europe. War in itself also causes massive environmental destruction.

Governments are rearming on a scale not seen for decades

Arms companies are profiting from the gigantic military budgets that have been made available, with an extra 100 billion Euro pledged for military spending in Germany alone. We reject this rearmament. Armament and war always come at the expense of the people and scientific and social progress.

The real borders are not between peoples, but between the top and the bottom

The people should not be equated with their respective government, neither in the East nor in the West. We condemn the exclusion of Russian scientists from the international research community and research work, as has been done by the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany. We oppose chauvinism and aggressive nationalism. We also recognize the courageous protests against the war on the part of Russian scientists, as well as by the women’s and workers‘ movements.

Science today takes place in a context of international cooperation. From this stems friendship and trust. And a duty to work for peace and international peoples‘ friendship.

We are working with deep commitment in the fields of science, education, arts and technology. Through our work we want to contribute to a better life for all. A life in harmony with nature and victory over hunger and poverty could be possible. We do not want our work to be misused for the development of autonomous weapons and weapons of mass destruction. We want a world in which imperialist wars are once and for all a thing of the past.

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